Supported features for custom objects


When custom objects are configured and enabled in your Network instance and data has been loaded, users can search for and view records in the Network UI. Many of the features in your Network instance support custom objects. For more information about these features, review the following sections.

Functional Area Customer Master Custom Domains
Ad Hoc Match
Bulk Merge
Candidate records
CRM Integrations
Custom hierarchies
Data Components
Data export
Data loading
Data maintenance subscriptions
Data Quality Reports
Data Transformation queries
Data updater
Dynamic access controls


Exporting configurations
Field Helper
File Explorer / Network tables
Hierarchy Management
Job validation rules
Lookup Tables
Match Configuration
Merge prevention and data partitioning
Network API
Network Explorer
Network Hashtags
Network Portal
Network widgets
Profile page
Profile layouts
Profile validation rules
SAP Concur Connector
Source Rankings
Transformation Rules
Workflow (DCRs, suspect match)
1 Deleting only. Data deduplication, sub-object inactivation, and anonymization is not supported.
2 Basic reporting UI is not supported
3 Can be used for reporting only. Not supported for Network widgets.
4 Advanced mode only. Match UI is not supported.
5 Using Veeva Connectors only. Network Bridge, DCRs, and Search are not supported.