Data maintenance subscriptions

Network provides a number of subscriptions to help you maintain the quality of your data and comply with data privacy requirements.

Data Deduplication

Use match rules and data groups to identify duplicate HCP and HCO records. The locally managed records that you specify in the subscription can be matched and merged with other records in your Network instance.

Sub-Object Inactivation

To preserve data quality, use this data maintenance job to find and automatically inactivate address, license, and Parent HCO sub-objects on inactive HCPs and HCOs.

Delete Custom Object Records

Delete all or a set of custom object records. When records are deleted, the associated sub-objects and relationship objects are also deleted or inactivated

Delete Locally Managed Records

Specify a set of records and change the record state to Deleted. When records are deleted, users cannot access them using Network search.

Anonymize Deleted HCP Records

Use this data maintenance subscription to mask or blank out personal data on deleted HCP records. This subscription helps you comply with data privacy requirements by supporting requests from HCPs to remove their data.

Unsubscribe from third-party records

You can unsubscribe to records from third-party data providers using a process that includes using source subscriptions to set record states to Deleted. Deleted HCPs can then be anonymized for data privacy.

Unsubscribe from OpenData Records

This feature can be temporarily enabled in your Network instance so you can unsubscribe to specific Veeva OpenData records that are no longer needed.