Veeva Connector

Use the Veeva Connector to communicate with Salesforce® and other Veeva applications to extract or publish data using subscription jobs. The Veeva Connector automates the process of creating and transferring files between the applications and Network.

Supported integrations:

  • Salesforce - Extract or upsert object data to Network FTP using SOQL.
  • Veeva Vault - Extract or upsert object data to Network FTP using VQL.
  • Veeva Nitro - Upload Network data to Nitro FTP using target subscriptions.

Veeva standard objects and custom objects are supported for Veeva Connectors.

Enabling this feature

The Veeva Connector is enabled by default for all Network instances. Administrators can create a connector for each supported application and operation.

User activities

The following activities are available depending on the user type:

The System and Data Admin user role combines the full capabilities of Data Stewards and Administrators.
Activity Standard User Data Steward Data Manager Administrator
Add application credentials to Network
Create a connector for the application