Exporting configurations


Administrators can create configuration packages to export to a target environment or to download to their local computer.

Veeva standard objects and custom objects can be exported.

The following actions are available on the Configuration Packages - Export page:

  • Ad Hoc Download - Create a .zip package to download locally.
  • Create Export Package - Create a new package to export to a target environment.


The Configuration Packages - Export page (Settings > Configuration Export) displays a list of all packages that were transferred from this Network instance to a target environment. The list is empty until you begin creating packages. In the Status column, you can see whether the package was successfully transferred (COMPLETED) or failed during the transfer (FAILED). Package deployments can fail if the target environment server was not available, or if the package could not be persisted in the target environment's database.

Packages that were downloaded as a .zip file but were not transferred to a target environment (using Ad Hoc Download) are not persisted and do not display in the list.