Veeva CRM integration

Veeva CRM is a CRM application built on the Salesforce platform. Network integrates seamlessly with Veeva CRM to provide real-time validated data to CRM users.

The following integration topics are available:

  • Network Bridge - Within Network, run and monitor the data subscription jobs that export data from Network to Veeva CRM.
  • Network hashtags in CRM- Configure hashtags to display in Veeva CRM to help CRM users find correct records faster in Network Account Search and throughout the CRM application (both Online and iPad).
  • Increment delta IDs - Network increments the delta ID on objects for rejected data change requests so records remain synced between CRM and Network.
  • Upserting data to CRM - Use the Veeva Connector to push object data from Network's FTP server to CRM.
  • Extracting data from Veeva CRM - Use the Veeva Connector to communicate with CRM to extract data to Network's FTP server.
  • Optimizing Network Account Search - Reduce the number of add requests that are sent to Network and help field reps quickly retrieve results.
  • Limit Network Account Search results - Network Account Search (NAS) can be limited for Veeva CRM users based on specific Network fields
  • State distributor licensing - Export the OhioTDDD license data to CRM.

For more information about the Network and CRM integration, see the Network Integration topics in the Veeva CRM Online Help.