Veeva CRM integration

Veeva CRM is a CRM application built on the Salesforce platform. Network integrates seamlessly with Veeva CRM to provide real-time validated data to CRM users.

The following integration topics are available:

  • Network Bridge - Within Network, run and monitor the data subscription jobs that export data from Network to Veeva CRM.
  • Increment delta IDs - Network increments the delta ID on objects for rejected data change requests so records remain synced between CRM and Network.
  • Upserting data to CRM - Use the Veeva Connector to push object data from Network's FTP server to CRM.
  • Extracting data from Veeva CRM - Use the Veeva Connector to communicate with CRM to extract data to Network's FTP server.
  • Optimizing Network Account Search - Reduce the number of add requests that are sent to Network and help field reps quickly retrieve results.
  • Limit Network Account Search results - Network Account Search (NAS) can be limited for Veeva CRM users based on specific Network fields
  • State distributor licensing - Export the OhioTDDD license data to CRM.
  • State license mappings - The Network state license mapping includes two sample eligibility fields that you can use to determine if an HCP is eligible to receive samples.

For more information about the Network and CRM integration, see the Network Integration topics in the Veeva CRM Online Help.