Loading dynamic attribute data


Dynamic attributes are special Veeva CRM fields created for an immediate business need; something that would not require a custom field. For example, business admins might collect information for an account for an upcoming conference.

Dynamic attributes can be extracted from CRM using the Veeva Connector. This is a one-way integration from Veeva CRM to Network.

Tip: The field should be read-only in Network so it cannot be updated.

For more information about dynamic attributes, see Dynamic Attributes for Accounts in the Veeva CRM Online Help.

SETI function

The SETI function can be used in source subscriptions to help load dynamic attribute data from Veeva CRM.

SETI(field, value)


Incoming file

A file from Veeva CRM includes columns for dynamic attributes.

VID Dynamic_Attribute_Name_vod__c Dynamic_Attribute_Value_Checkbox_vod__c
929348577348723909 Key_Account TRUE
929348674539980761 Key_Account FALSE

NEX rule

In the source subscription, create a File Preparation rule.

To map the dynamic attributes field names to Network field names, in the file preparation stage, create a new attribute called field.

In this case, we map the dynamic attribute, key_account, to key_account__c. Then, use the SETI function to set the value of the custom Network field using the dynamic attribute value.

  • Field is set to Key_Account.

  • Dynamic_Attribute_Value_Checkbox_vod__c is set to True or False (checkbox field).

    Source aliases are used to convert the True/False values to Network reference codes (Y,N)

    "field =if(Dynamic_Attribute_Label_vod__c == 'Key_Account', 'key_account__c')",
    "seti(field, Dynamic_Attribute_Value_Checkbox_vod__c)"

If the field has been added to the profile layoutClosed A high confidence match between two records. ACT matches result in a merge without any human review., it displays so users can view the data.