Advanced subscription settings


You can click Advanced at the top of the subscription page to edit detailed settings in the Edit Module Properties dialog. This dialog contains, at a minimum, the required settings from the subscription, and default values for settings that haven't been specified.

The Edit Module Properties dialog includes properties that can be edited, as well as properties that should not be updated.

Available properties

The following properties might be initially populated in the Edit Module Properties dialog, or they can be added. The default values can be changed.

Feed properties

Job log properties

Match properties

Merge properties

Native properties

Parser properties

Other properties

Restricted properties

The following properties might display in the Edit Module Properties dialog but they should not be changed. Contact Veeva Support for assistance before using any of these properties.

"archive.path": "${}/${jobid}"
"archive.provider": "vaos"
"": "/archive"
"entity.normalize.rules[.ALIAS]": "<value>"
"feed.master": "<true/false>"
"feed.rules": "mam_download: third_party_check"
"istore.path": "${}/istore"
"istore.provider": "vh2os"
"job.graph.clusterPartitionAlgorithm": "merge"
"job.graph.exportClusterPartition": "<true/false>"
"job.graph.merge": "<true/false>"
"job.hash.function": "mm3"
"job.match.blockAnalysis": "false"
"job.match.countryFilter": ""
"job.match.entityFilter": ""
"job.match.export": ""
"job.match.restrictToCountry": "true"
"job.match.skipMerge": "false"
"job.match.validation.rules": "mam_download:start_mam_download, mam_download:wait_mam_download"
"job.merge.allowChildMatchByValue": "<true/false>"
"job.merge.allowOverridableSystemAttributes": "<true/false>"
"job.merge.excludeChildWithSameSourceOnValueCompare": "<true/false>"
"job.merge.invokeChildPostMergeRules": "<true/false>"
"job.merge.overrideAlternateIdentifier": "<true/false>"
"job.merge.taskQueuingLimit": "10"
"job.merge.unmatchAction": "<local/none/candidate>"
"job.merge.updateIndex": "<true/false>"
"job.use.repo.home": "<true/false>"
"": "/work"
"script.Groovy": "/script"
"uic.hidden": "false"
"uic.readonly": "false"

Null out values in source files

You can use advanced properties to null out specific fields coming from a source.

Use the following properties:

"feed.retain.null": "true",
"parser.csv.nullstring.ALIAS": "<value>",
"parser.csv.nullable.ALIAS": "<attribute-name>",

The "parser.cvs.nullable.HCP" property should list the mapped fields from your .csv file headings.


To add a "Null" value to the CustomField1 and CustomField2 fields, those fields must be included in the parser.csv.nullable.ALIAS property. If the field is not included, the value will be ignored.

"feed.retain.null": "true",
"parser.csv.nullstring.HCP": "",
"parser.csv.nullable.HCP": "CustomField1,CustomField2",

If you want to null out a value with blanks but your null value is not blank; for example, your null value is null__v, adjust the parser.csv.nullstring.ALIAS property so the value is null__v.


"feed.retain.null": "true",
"parser.csv.nullstring.HCP": "null__v",
"parser.csv.nullable.HCP": "CustomField1,CustomField2",