About record statuses and states


The status of a record refers specifically to the status of the individual HCP or HCO and generally indicates whether the provider or organization is active, inactive, or in an unknown state.

The state of a record refers to the state of a profile within the workflow and generally indicates the approval and merge condition of the record.

Record statuses

The following are possible record statuses:

Active - The HCP or HCO is actively working or is open for business.

Inactive - An inactive HCP is one that has not been verified as either retired or deceased and does not have any known active addresses. An inactive HCO is one that has not been verified as closed and does not have any known active addresses.

Closed - The HCO is no longer open or operating; it has been closed.

Dead - The HCP has been verified as no longer alive.

Retired - The HCP has been verified as retired from this occupation.

Undetermined - The status of the HCP or HCO cannot be determined as any other status. Validation will continue and the status will be updated once more information can be confirmed.

Record states

The following values describe possible record states:

  • Deleted - The record has been (soft) deleted from the database.

    Records can be deleted in the following situations:

    • Candidate records are not promoted to a valid record.
    • Records are unmerged and the sub-object records are deleted.
    • Locally managed records can be deleted using a data maintenance job.
  • Invalid - The record has been reviewed and considered invalid; it was rejected by the reviewer.
  • Merge_Added (New Child Record Added During Merge) - A sub-object that has been added to a winning record from a losing record during a merge. For example: when merging record B into record A, a sub-object from record B was added to record A as part of the merge.
  • Merge_Inactivated (Child Record Inactivated During Merge) - A sub-object was inactivated when two records were merged.

    This can occur if the sub-object on the losing record can't be copied to the winning record. Typically, this happens when the losing record is a locally managed record and the winning record is managed by Veeva OpenData but the current configuration doesn't allow local sub-objects (for example, an address) to be added to Veeva OpenData records. This behavior is controlled by the job.merge.allowcustomerownedchildren property in source subscriptions. This behavior can also occur if the job.merge.mergeInstruction property is set to ExclusiveMerge so only the values on the winning record are retained.

    For more information about these properties, see Advanced subscription settings.

  • Merged_Into - This record was merged into another record. It remains a valid record, but has been merged into another record.
  • Parent_Merged - A parent record of this record was merged into another record. This state is no longer used; it's been replaced by the merge_added and merge_inactivated states.
  • Under_Review - The record is under review and has not yet been validated.
  • Valid - The record has been approved by its data source and is considered a valid record.

Only records with Valid and Under_Review states can be found using Network search.