Enable single sign-on for widgets


Using single sign-on (SSO) ensures that business users with Network user profiles can access the widget directly from your internal application using their Network credentials.

Note: Network widgets now support Oracle Identity Management (IDM)™ as an SSO provider.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Create the SSO Security policy.

    Apply a security policy that specifies SSO to each user; in the policy's Security Settings section, set the Authentication Type setting to Single Sign-on with SAML. You can create a new policy or change the settings for an existing policy.

  2. Update your identity provider configuration.

    Create and assign the internal application (where you are embedding the Network widget) to the appropriate user group in your idP.

  3. Complete the SSO Settings in your Network instance.

    Configure the SAML for Single Sign-on settings and enable the Auto-Creation of User Accounts option.

Next step

Begin the widget setup. Click the link for the widget that you want to create.


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