Network widgets

Widgets are an integration pattern that enable you to interact directly with Network data through the Network Portal or your internal application. To use widgets, administrators configure widget settings in their Network instance. You can add widget to applications to use in the Network Portal or Network provides the code that web developers can add to an internal application. Using single-sign on, your business users can interact directly with master data without logging into your Network instance.

Widgets are available as part of your Network license and can be used for an unlimited number of users and integrated systems.

Available widgets

The following widgets are available so users can access master data without logging directly into the Network instance.

Search widget

Use this widget to search for records, view, and download real-time master data. For example, call center representatives can search and download HCPs within Network and Veeva OpenData without leaving the application they are currently in. If records cannot be found, add requests can be created.



Affiliation widget

This widget enables business users to quickly understand influencers between HCPs and to identify key players in a health system.


Profile widget

Use this widget to view real-time data. For example, from their internal portal, field users and marketing users can view an HCP profile and confirm information such as address information or parent affiliations for event or marketing material.



DCR widget

Use the profile widget in DCR mode to submit changes to update real-time data. For example, field users and marketing users can edit an HCP profile to update address information so they can send marketing material to the correct address.



My Requests widget

Use the My Requests widget to enable business users to view the data change requests that they've submitted.


Hierarchy Explorer widget

Use the this widget to explore entire top-level HCOs from a top-down approach. All levels of the HCO display so you can visualize the hierarchy and you can search through it to find new targets.


Benefits of using Network widgets

  • Embed them into your internal applications or the Network Portal
  • Easy access for business users
  • Secure authentication using single-sign on
  • Consistent user experience
Requirements Network Widgets Custom Integrations
User Interface - Search
User Interface - Profile
User Interface - Data Change/Add Requests
Integration with Network APIs
(Search, Retrieve, DCR)
Download and Store Record Locally
On-going Maintenance
(new features and data model changes)

For detailed information, see Benefits of using Network widgets.

Widget requirements

The following requirements must be met to use a Network widget in an internal application:

  • The internal application must be web-based.
  • Your Network instance must use single-sign on (for example, Okta™, Ping Identity™, Centrify™, Microsoft Azure AD™)

    (every user must have a Network / SSO account)

Enable widgets

Widgets are available by default in your Network instance.