Hierarchy Management

Several Network features can be used to help you understand and explore HCP and HCO relationships.

Visualize hierarchies

  • Network Explorer

    Network Explorer enables you to easily and graphically view relationships between entities to help you understand where they fit among organizations.

  • Hierarchy Explorer

    Use this Network widget to explore entire top-level HCOs from a top-down approach. All levels of the HCO display so you can visualize the hierarchy and you can search through it to find new targets.

  • Influence map (Affiliation widget)

    Use this Network widget to quickly understand influencers between HCPs and to identify key players in a health system.

  • Key HCO network search

    Find HCPs and HCOs in all levels of a key network's hierarchy using the @ symbol and the HCO's alias; for example, @MayoClinic.

Manage hierarchies

  • Hierarchy Management

    Create and maintain custom hierarchies to use in reporting and the Hierarchy Explorer widget.

  • Key network / IDN field

    Use the Key Network / IDN field that is managed by Veeva OpenData to help you identify the top-level HCOs that are considered key networks (or integrated delivery networks (IDNs)) in your Network instance.

  • Custom primary relationships

    Use custom primary fields to identify key relationships.

Report on hierarchies

  • Flat hierarchy reporting

    Report on relationship hierarchies using the flat_hierarchy table in Network reports. The table updates hierarchies once a day and displays all of the relationships and levels so you can see how HCPs and HCOs rollup to HCOs.

  • Automated monthly reporting on health systems

    Track the HCOs and HCPs that are dropped and added in health systems each month to see how it impacts your sales reporting and incentive compensation processes.

  • Freezing hierarchies

    Take snapshots of hierarchy data so you can report on sales roll ups and incentive compensation and compare it with data from other time periods.

  • Veeva OpenData hierarchy data (US only)

    View additional information about OpenData HCO hierarchy fields from the Profile page using reporting data components.

User activities

The following activities are available depending on the user type:

The System and Data Admin user role combines the full capabilities of Data Stewards and Administrators.
Activity Standard User Data Steward Data Manager Administrator
View affiliations in Network Explorer
Edit affiliations and entity details in Network Explorer  
Search for key networks using hashtags
Search for HCOs and HCPs within all levels of a key network's hierarchy.
View hierarchies for health systems in the Hierarchy Explorer
View and edit key influencers for health systems in the Affiliation Explorer
Configure the Hierarchy Explorer or Affiliation widget      
Create SQL queries with the flat_hierarchy reporting table.