Key network/IDN field


Key networks are health networks that contain many health organizations. These are also known as IDNs (US) or ICSs (UK).

Use the key_hco_network__v field on the HCO object to help you identify the top-level HCOs that are considered key networks (or integrated delivery networks (IDNs)) in your Network instance.

This checkbox field is managed by Veeva OpenData.

The field is enabled by default in new Network instances. You can enable it for your existing Network instance.

Field label

The label that displays on record profiles depends on the HCO’s primary country.

• US – IDN?

• All other countries – Key Network?

Example IDN field on a record profile

Key points

  • Changes - The field value cannot be changed by submitting DCRs to OpenData.

    If you would like to manage your own list of IDNs, you can use a custom field.

  • Hierarchy Explorer - The field is available to use in the widget so you can navigate the hierarchies of HCOs at the top of the network. The field is added to the hierarchy index by default.

  • Reporting on OpenData - The field is added to the flat hierarchy table for OpenData instances and on the flat ownership hierarchy table for OpenData US subscriptions (Reports > SQL Query Editor).


Use the #keyNetwork or #IDN hashtags to find these HCOs in your Network instance. The hashtags are dynamically applied to HCOs that have the key_hco_network__v field set to Yes/True.

Searching within key networks

You can find HCOs that are key networks using the #IDN and #keyNetwork hashtags. To search for HCOs and HCPs within a key network's hierarchy, use the key HCO network search feature using the @ symbol and the key network's alias; for example, @MayoClinic. This search displays the HCPs and HCOs in all levels of the Mayo Clinic's hierarchy.

Note: Key networks that are supported for the key HCO network search using the @ symbol have the key_hco_network__v field set to Yes/True and have an alias defined. If the HCO has not been loaded into your Network instance with an alias, it is not supported for this feature.