Primary type custom fields


Use primary custom fields to designate a "best" object to support your business practices.


For incentive compensation, you might specify a primary address for all the health care providers in a business unit. You can report on the HCPs and their primary address and export the list from Network to use for territory alignment and incentive compensation in another system.

Primary field types

There are two primary configurations available for custom fields:

  • Network Calculated - Use the standard recalculate logic in Network to calculate what the primary should be.

    Only one Network Calculated primary field can be created on the Address object and the Parent HCO object in your Network instance.

    Supported objects: Address and Parent HCO objects only.

  • Unique Checkbox - Use to control when to recalculate the primary field. You can choose to use the standard recalculation logic or define custom recalculation logic with this option.

    An object can have multiple Unique Checkbox primary fields, for example; an HCP record can have multiple primary addresses - one for each business unit or therapeutic area.

    Supported objects: All sub-objects and relationship objects.

Comparison of primary configurations

Review the table to compare the two types of configurations for primary custom fields.

  Unique Checkbox Network Calculated
Commonalities Business logic ensures that only one record can be primary.
Differences Multiple primary fields are allowed for each object. Only one primary field is allowed for each object.
Available on all sub-object and relationship objects. Available on address and parent affiliation objects.
Configuration options allow for more granular control over when primary address is calculated. Network uses standard logic to ensure there is an active and valid primary.

Viewing primary designations on the profile page

Administrators and data managers can create primary custom fields in the Network data model.


One Network Calculated primary field and three Unique Checkbox primary fields have been created for the Address object.

Primary indicators display on records when a primary field is set for an object. The Primary badge displays and the primary tag identifies the business units (Unique Checkbox) or Global Primary (Network Calculated).

In this example, primary tags are applied to the addresses on this HCP record.

Create primary custom fields

See the following topics for detailed steps: