My Request widget


Use this Network widget so business users can view the data change requests that they've submitted. Administrators can configure the My Request widget in their Network instance and add it to a Network Portal application so all users, except Integration Users, can check the status of their requests without logging into Network.


The My Request widget configuration is available by default in Network instances. Administrators can create a widget and add it to a Network Portal application.

How the widget works

Network's My Request widget is supported for the Network Portal and web-based internal applications; for example, intranets or platforms like Salesforce™.

Applications must meet the following requirements:

  • The application is web-based.
  • Your Network instance uses single sign-on (SSO) authentication (every user must have a Network/SSO account).

    Using SSO ensures that business users with Network user profiles can access the widget directly from your internal application using their Network credentials. For more information, see Enable single-sign on for widgets.