What's new

The following key enhancements comprise the Veeva Network 20R2.0 major release.

Search widget - Search by alternate key You can now search by alternate key using the ID field in the advanced search form. 20R2.0
Search widget - navigation updates The Back to Search link now returns you to the search results after you submit an add request. 20R2.0
Profile layouts Administrators can now assign specific profile layouts for each country to the widget. 20R2.0
Affiliation widget The homepage title has been changed to Influence Maps. 20R2.0
Search widget - Advanced search In the Advanced Search form, enhancements have been made to the Country field to improve your search experience. 20R1.1
Custom keys Network widgets now support creating custom keys that are cross references to the source ID. 20R1.1    
Filter by ParentHCO A preset filter can be added to filter the search widget and profile widget for specific parent HCOs. 20R1.1
Object icon badges Tooltips for object icon badges more clearly identify the record state. 20R2.0
Job details The Folder/ZIP file name is now included in the Job Details for reporting. 20R2.0    
Source Subscriptions
New user interface Network now provides a wizard to simplify the process of creating a source subscription. 20R2.0    
Veeva OpenData subscriptions
OpenData fields All Veeva OpenData fields are now mastered by default in new Network instances. 20R2.0    
Download related HCOs Subscription jobs can now download parent HCOs that are related to HCOs and HCPs in your Network instance. 20R2.0    
Merging addresses For data quality, Veeva OpenData US will begin running bulk merge jobs to eliminate duplicate addresses. This might impact data for some Network features. 20R2.0    
Refresh subscriptions Administrators can choose to download all new records that match updated HCP/HCO filter criteria the next time the job runs. 20R1.1    
Country subscriptions for all records When customers subscribe to all records for a country, that subscription page is updated to reflect those details. 20R1.1    
Geo Subdivision subscriptions The Geo Subdivision and Geo Subdivision 2 subscriptions are now available for Russia. 20R1.1    
Match against Veeva OpenData
Performance Improvements Performance improvements have been made to jobs where large numbers of new records are downloaded from OpenData. 20R1.1    
Data domains
Custom domain templates Network provides templates for Product Master and Payer Master domains so you can quickly start using the objects. 20R1.1    
Data model
Primary address Two Unique Checkbox settings are updated to help ensure that records always have a primary address. 20R2.0    
Lookup tables Administrators can now import lookup tables into their Network instance to perform operations and to calculate and validate data. 20R1.1    
Cluster management This feature now supports IQVIA™ cluster data for Austria. 20R1.1    
Reference data Spanish (Mexico) is added as a new reference data language. 20R1.1    
Custom objects
Removing objects Custom objects can now be removed from your Network instance. 20R2.0    
US compliance data
Update frequency US compliance data is now updated weekly by Veeva OpenData. 20R1.1    
Menu name change The Users menu has been renamed to Users & Permissions. 20R2.0      
Field restrictions Administrators can assign field-level permissions to specific users and user groups. 20R2.0      
API access The API access permission includes a new option to define the systems the user can access. 20R2.0      
Network Bridge - CRM credentials The Network Bridge can now run using Salesforce™ credentials that are stored in Veeva CRM. 20R2.0      
Veeva CRM Improvements have been made to Network Account Search to help you quickly find accounts. 20R1.1      
Network Bridge - Errors The Job Details page now highlights job issues and provides more granular categories of record-level errors. 20R1.1    
External credentials Credential requirements are updated to follow a specific URL pattern. 20R1.1      
Admin settings
Workflow settings Administrators can now use Boolean Reference fields to create criteria for workflow settings. 20R1.1      
Single sign-on SAML for Single Sign-on now includes a relay state URL that can be customized for identify providers. 20R1.1      
Version update The Network API is updated to v21.0. 20R2.0 Developers
Bulk Export To prevent timeouts, files can be exported in bulk using the API. 20R2.0 Developers

Data Governance - Specific updates for fields and reference data are provided in the Veeva Network Data Governance release notes for every minor and major Network release.

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