Profile highlights


The Profile page enables you to easily find relevant information and quickly get insights about a record.

Click through the sections in the following demo, or jump to Summary section to read about the highlights yourself.

Summary section

Record profiles contain a summary header that provides the most relevant information about the root entity (HCP, HCO, or custom object) so you don't have to search for the information in different sections.

Condensed summary

When you scroll past the Summary section to view the information in the sections below, the Summary becomes a condensed header so that you can always see the entity information. The buttons from the summary header move into the Options menu.

Profile Notes

Add notes to record profiles so other users can see the information. For example, data stewards can add a note to alert users when an HCP has taken a leave of absence, or to indicate an HCP's call time preference for data verification.

All users, except Standard users, can view, edit, and delete profile notes if they have access to the main object through their data visibility profile.

The Profile Notes section displays by default in the right panel on the Profile page, but you can choose to hide it.

Field help and version history

Info icons display beside fields on the Profile page. Click the icon to open the Field pane.

Version history

All users can view the Version History for the field. The tab identifies the change and the job or data change request that made the change.

For more information, see Field version history.

Field help

You can add and maintain field help to provide information and training details for Data Stewards. Only users who have access to field help through permission sets can view the pane.

If you have access to field help, the Help tab displays by default. Otherwise, only the Version History tab displays.

For more information, see Field help.

Profile sections

A navigation bar on the left side enables users to quickly scroll to a specific section.

Preview boxes

Preview boxes display for the following:

  • Sample Eligibility (US data only)
  • Transparency Reporting (US data only)
  • Hierarchy
  • Revision History
  • Data Sources
  • Find Suspect Match

These boxes display a summary so you can view key details without leaving the profile. The Sample Eligibility box enables sales reps to quickly determine whether they can drop samples.

Summary cards for sub-objects

Each sub-object has a summary card so you can easily view the most relevant details about that object. You can expand the card for more detailed information. Badges on the summary cards alert you about pending tasks, primary designations, inactive status, and so on.


Badges might display on summary cards to provide information that you should immediately know. For example, the Sample Eligible badge might display on an SLN license so you can determine whether samples can be dropped for that license.

Hover over a badge to view more information in a tooltip.

Primary action button

The Apply button floats at the bottom of your screen, so it's available to action whenever you are ready to submit changes.