External credentials

Administrators can store credentials for external applications within Network. This enables you to easily maintain credentials by adding them to Network one time so you can reference the information whenever it's needed in the Network application.

Credentials can be stored for the following external applications:

  • Amazon S3 - Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3â„¢). Use to export data to your private cloud storage.
  • Veeva CRM - Org ID - Use to access the Salesforce credentials stored in your CRM org.
  • Salesforce - Salesforce credentials (defined in Network)
  • Vault - Veeva Vault credentials
  • Nitro FTP - Veeva Nitro FTP credentials
  • Nitro API - Veeva Nitro API credentials
  • Concur - SAP Concur© credentials

    The Concur Connector must be enabled in your Network instance. When the Concur Connector is enabled, Network automatically migrates any existing SAP Concur credentials to the External Credentials page.

In the list, you can see if the credential is linked to a Production or Sandbox Environment. For some credentials, the Environment column is blank because it does not apply to the credential: for example, Nitro FTP credentials.

Adding external credentials

Credentials are typically added when you are configuring a Network Bridge, Veeva Connector or Concur Connector. For detailed instructions, see the following topics:

Example: Add a Concur credential

Administrators can create multiple Concur environments in their Network instance. On the External Credentials page, you can add the credentials for each Concur environment.

To add a Concur credential:

  1. In the Admin console, click Settings > External Credentials.
  2. On the External Credentials page, click Add Credentials.
  3. In the New External Credentials dialog, select Concur from the list. Click OK.

  4. On the New External Credential page, provide the following information:
    1. Name - Type a name for the credential. For example, Verteo Concur US (for a US Concur environment). Names must be unique.
    2. Username - The Web Services Admin user ID that you used during the Concur system configuration.
    3. Password - The password for the Web Services Admin user.
  5. In the URL list, select a predefined URL.

    The following URLs can be selected for Concur credentials:

    • https://www.concursolutions.com
    • https://implementation.concursolutions.com
    • https://eu1.concursolutions.com
    • https://www.concurcdc.cn
  6. Click Test Connection to ensure that the credentials are correct.

    Messages will display to indicate if the credentials are valid or invalid, or if there were issues connecting to the Concur server (not credential-related).

  7. Save your changes. If you did not test the credentials, they will be tested now. Invalid credentials will not be saved.

The credentials are stored and can be used in the Concur Connector configuration.

Testing connections

When you click Test Connection for some credential types, Network displays information about the environment that the external credential is linked to. Warnings display if you are potentially connecting to the wrong environment; for example, if the credentials connect your Sandbox Network instance to a Production CRM org.

The enhanced details are supported for the following credential types:

  • Salesforce - Details include the Salesforce organization and Integration User.

  • CRM - Org ID - Details include the CRM org and Integration User.

  • Vault - Details include the Vault instance and Integration User.

Example - Warnings

In this example, there are two warnings:

  • The credential is connecting to a Sandbox environment from a Production environment.

  • The credential is potentially connecting to a Salesforce environment that has a different Network instance through the Network Bridge.

You can cancel the connection and correct the credentials or you can choose to connect to the environment


This information also displays in the Network Bridge and Veeva Connector configurations when you click Test Connection.

Example - Network Bridge

Click OK to connect or click the x icon to close the dialog and update the credential.