Network Concur Connector

Use the Veeva Network Connector to search Veeva OpenData in real time and transfer health care provider data to SAP ConcurĀ®Closed An online business and travel expense system that can be integrated with Veeva Network. expense reports. SAP Concur uses the Network Search API to find HCPs in Network and Veeva OpenData, and returns the same data you would see if searching directly from Veeva Network.

Veeva Network Connector for Concur is an add-on to Network. Contact your Veeva Account Executive if you are interested in purchasing it.

Benefits of using Veeva Network Connector for Concur:

  • Streamlines your expense reporting process
  • Minimizes data entry
  • Improves Concur data quality and spend report accuracy

Enabling this feature

After purchasing the Concur Connector, tasks are required for different users to enable this feature in SAP Concur and Network.

SAP Concur tasks

SAP Concur administrator:

Web Services admin user:

Network tasks

Veeva Support:

Network administrator:

When these tasks are complete, in SAP Concur, business users can search Network data and administrators can manage Network attendees.

User activities

The following activities are available depending on the Network user type:

The System and Data Admin user role combines the full capabilities of Data Stewards and Administrators.
Function Standard User Data Steward Data Manager Administrator
Create an Integration user      
Configure Concur Connector      
Map SAP Concur fields to Network      
Create reference aliases      
Search HCPs from SAP Concur
View Concur searches in Search Audit History.      
Add HCP attendee to SAP Concur expense