Before you begin

Configuring the connection between SAP ConcurĀ® and Veeva Network requires some administration in both applications. Before you begin the configuration, ensure that the following requirements are met for each application.

Network requirements

  • Talk to your Veeva Network account executive to get approval.
    Access to the Concur Connector in Network is only available upon approval. Veeva Support will enable it in your Network instance.
  • Create an Integration user in Network.
    These user credentials are required during the SAP Concur system configuration to connect to Network.

    Note: Ensure that the Integration user has data visibility profiles for all regions where SAP Concur users will search.

    For more information about creating users and managing data visibility profiles, see Add a user profile.

Next steps

When these steps are complete, see Network configuration to enable the integration with SAP Concur.

SAP Concur requirements

Next steps

When the Web Services Admin user is created, see SAP Concur configuration to complete the required tasks for SAP Concur.