Using the search widget


Using the search widget, business users can search for and view real-time master data from your internal application or the Network Portal without logging directly into the Network instance. For example, call center representatives can search and download HCPs within Network and Veeva OpenData without leaving the application they are currently in, or sales reps can search for and attach an HCP's record to an expense or event.

Access to the widget

Business users who have an active Network user account can sign into the widget using SSO authentication. Business users cannot access the widget if their Network user account status is disabled.

Access the widget in an internal application

When you first access the widget, you might see a warning to disable the popup blocker in your web browser.

After the popup blocker is disabled and you are logging in, the widget is prepared and loaded, pending successful authentication.

Search for records

You can search for records in your Network instance and Veeva OpenData.

Note: Searching for records within Veeva OpenData depends on the Can search OpenData Instance permission in the data visibility profile assigned to your user account in Network. For more information, see Data visibility profiles.

Search for a record

When the search widget displays, it might have a quick search bar with an optional Advanced Search link, or it might display the advanced search form only.

Note: If you are accessing the widget from an application in the Network Portal, the advanced search form displays.

Type a keyword into the search bar or the specific fields in the advanced search form; for example, an HCP's first and last name or an HCO's corporate name, along with address information like city or state.


Use hashtags to quickly find the relevant records. Type the hash (#) symbol in the search field to see the list of available hashtags to use.

The hashtags are filtered for the objects that are available and the country defined for the widget. For example, if the widget contains HCPs, but no HCOs, only HCP hashtags will display.

Note: Using typeahead to find hashtags is not available in Apple® Safari® and unsupported browsers (for example, Firefox®)

For more information, see Network hashtags.


If the ID field is available, you can search by any applicable ID. For more information, see Search by ID.


The Country list displays only the countries that you have access to through your data visibility profile. If you select a country, the options of other fields are determined by the selected country. For example, if you search for a specific HCP Type for the United States, only the types supported for the US display.

Your country preference is saved the next time you log into the widget.

Search examples

The search results page opens and displays the records that match the keywords. The search terms and hashtags display at the top of the page.

Search results do not return the following types of records:

  • Records that have the states Merged_into, Invalid, or Deleted.
  • Candidate records
  • HCP records that have been opted-out for data privacy

Filter results

To refine the results if you used quick search, use the filters in the left panel and click Apply Filters.

Tip: Use hashtags to narrow the search results.

The search results page updates to include a Filters bar above the results. Each defined filter displays.

Note: Results are automatically filtered on the primary country of the user's data visibility profile. The State/Province field values are valid for the defined country.

To remove the filters, click the "x" beside each field, or click the Clear Filters link to remove them all.

View result details

Each search result contains the entity name, entity type, active address, and primary country. HCP search results also contain the medical degree and specialty.

Search results do not convey record ownership (customer-owned, third party master, or Veeva OpenData) because those details are not relevant for business users.

Active addresses

The search widget only displays active addresses in the search results. If there are no active addresses on a record, an address does not display in the search results.


Any hashtags that are applied to the record display in the search result.

  • Hover over the hashtag for more information.

  • Click the hashtag to start a new search based on the hashtag.

View record details

To view a record profile for more information, click the HCP or HCO name in the search result. The profile displays the relevant information about the record. Sections that do not contain data are automatically collapsed.

Data components

If data components are available for the account, tabs display in the summary area. Data components contains external data from Salesforce orgs (for example, Veeva CRM and Salesforce Service Cloud™) about the account.

The Profile Information tab contains the account information. The data component tabs are listed alphabetically after the Profile Information tab. The order cannot be changed. The tabs do not display if data components have not been applied to this widget or do not apply to the profile. For example, if a data component applies to HCPs only, it does not display on HCO accounts.

Click each tab to view the external data for the account.

Edit profiles

The external data on the data component tabs is read-only. Profiles can be edited only on the Profile Information tab if editing is enabled in the widget.

For more information, see Data components.

Download records

The record can be downloaded to the Network instance using the button in the search result, for example, Add Account. If a record exists in Veeva OpenData and has not been downloaded to your Network instance, clicking the button will download the record to your Network instance.

Adding records

If the search widget does not return results for the record that you're looking for, you can add the record if your search widget is configured to support add requests.

For more information, see Creating add requests.


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