Search by ID


The ID field enables you to search across all supported IDs for the country and object defined in your search form. For example, for HCOs in the United States, various license IDs and government IDs can be searched. The IDs that are available for search in some countries might only include the Network entity ID (VID) and a license. If a country is not defined, the widget searches all available IDs.

Click the IDs Available to Search link to see the IDs supported for your defined country and object. Alternate keys can be searched from the ID field.

When you search for an ID, the widget searches for records in your Network instance and the Veeva OpenData instance.

In the search results, the matching ID displays below each result.

Supported IDs

The following IDs are supported for each object type. To be used in the search widget, the field must be enabled in your Network instance.


Field Label Field Name
340B ID #1 340b_id_1__v
AMS ID ams_id__v
BSNR ID bsnr__v
CIP ID cip_id__v
CMS Certification # ccn_id__v
Codice Ministeriale codice_ministeriale__v
Old Codice Ministeriale codice_ministeriale_old__v
FINESS # finess__v
FINESS EJ # finess_juridique__v
GPHC ID gphc_id__v
HIN # hin__v
ICO ID ico_id__v
License license_number__v
Network Entity ID vid__v
NPI npi_num__v
Organisation Data Service Code ods_id__v
PSI ID psi_id__v
PSNI ID psni_id__v
SIRET # siret__v
Tax ID hco_tax_id__v


Field Label Field Name
ADELI ID adeli__v
AMS ID ams_id__v
Autorisations ID autorisations_id__v
BIG Number big_num__v
BIG Number 2 big_num_2__v
CMS Physician Profile ID cms_physician_profile_id__v
GCD ID gdc_id__v
GLN ID gln_id__v
GMC ID gmc_id__v
HPCP ID hcpc_id__v
HPR ID hpr_id__v
INAMI ID inami_id__v
LANR ID lanr__v
License license_number__v
Link ID link_vid__v
Medical Council ID medical_council_id__v
Network Entity ID vid__v
NPI npi_num__v
Official College of Biologists ID cgcob_id__v
Official College of Dentists ID cgcod_id__v
Official College of Nurses ID cgcoe_id__v
Official College of Pharmacists ID cgcof_id__v
Order of Doctors ID odm_id__v
Order of Dentists ID odd_id__v
Order of Nurses ID ode_id__v
Order of Pharmacists ID odf_id__v
PSI ID psi_id__v
PWZ ID - Dentist pwz_dentist_id
PWZ ID - Doctor pwz_id__v
PWZ ID - Nurse pwz_nurse_id__v
PWZ ID - Pharmacist pwz_pharmacist_id__v
Registration ID registration_id__v
RPPS ID rpps__v
Stamp ID stamp_id__v
Tax ID hcp_tax_id__v
Vet ID vet_registration_id__v
Universal Identification Number uin__v