Creating add requests


You can submit add requests from the search widget when you cannot find the record you are looking for. When you create a record, a data change request (DCR) is submitted to data stewards to validate and create the record in Network; however, the record is also available immediately in your internal application or Network (if you are using the widget in the Network Portal) so you can action it.

Submit an add request

To create a new record, perform the following steps:

  1. On the search results page, click the + Create New button.

    A new page displays so you can add the record information.

  2. Add values for the required fields (First Name, Last Name) and any additional information that you have for the record; for example, addresses and licenses.
  3. Click Continue to review the information that you just added.

    On the summary page, you can validate the information that you just provided. If you need to make any changes before submitting the record, click the Back to New Practitioner link.

  4. In the Notes field, optionally add some information to provide details for the data steward who will process this request. Click Add Account to submit the add request. The add request is routed to a data steward to process.

The record is now available in your internal application so you can immediately action it.

Recommended details for add requests

When records are added, they are routed to data stewards to process. Including the following details helps to ensure that data stewards can validate the information and accept the record.

  • Address - Provide at least one address (ideally with a suite number and phone number).

    The following address types are available:

    • Professional and Preferred (B) - A business address to which the provider has indicated they want their mail delivered. B refers to “both.”

    • Mail Only (M) - Where the HCP wants material to be mailed. This can also be a residential (home) address.
    • Professional (P) - A business address.
    • Address (U) - An address that cannot be confirmed as any of the above. U refers to “unknown.”
  • Gender
  • Specialty or Degree
  • Phone number - Particularly for HCPs, include a phone number in your comments so data stewards can easily complete a call verification.
  • License or NPI number
  • Custom key - In the event that this record is merged with another in future, add a custom keyClosedA cross-reference between an identifier from an external system and a Network ID. to ensure it can be subsequently unmerged if necessary.

Tip: Administrators can configure field and object settings on custom profile layouts to simplify add and change requests submitted through Network widgets. For example, you can indicate required fields, or limit the values that are available for specific fields. For details, see Widget profile layouts.