Configure survivorship precedence

Survivorship depends on the precedence order of the source systems for non-Veeva fields, or all fields in customer-stewarded records.

  1. In the Admin console, click System Interfaces > Source Rankings.

    The Source Rankings page displays.

  2. On the Source Rankings page, click and drag system rows to appear in order of precedence for survivorship.

The order you define on this page determines the preferred source systems for surviving values during a merge or update operation.

Configure entity survivorship rankings

Entity source rankingsClosedUsed to define how winning attributes will overwrite losing attributes resulting in a single customer record. enable you to override the source rankings at the entity level. If no override is specified for an entity, the source rankings are used by default.

To update the source rankings for a particular entity, click the Override radio button next to the entity, and then drag and drop the systems in your preferred order.