Network Integrations

Network integrations enable you to share data, objects, and functionality with other systems and applications. Use the Integration Dashboard as a single-view of all of your integration activities.

The following features are available to facilitate data access and exchange between Network and other applications:

  • Veeva Connector - Extract or publish object data between Network and other Veeva applications using subscriptions jobs.

  • Network Bridge - From within Network, run and monitor subscription jobs that export data from Network to Veeva CRM. The Network Bridge integrates the CRM account mappings so the target subscription files are transformed into Veeva CRM format.
  • Concur Connector - Search Veeva OpenData in real time and transfer health care provider data to SAP Concur┬« expense reports.
  • Veeva CRM - Several features enable Network to integrate seemlessly with Veeva CRM to provide real-time validated data to CRM users.

Enabling these features

Depending on the integration, features are either enabled by default or are available as an add-on to Network:

Veeva Connector - Enabled by default for all Network instances. Administrators and data managers create connectors for each supported application.

Network Bridge - Enabled by default for all new Network instances. Network administrators or data managers create the Salesforce connection and configure the Network Bridge.

Concur Connector - Veeva Network Connector for Concur is an add-on to Network, and is enabled by Veeva Support after purchase. Configuration is required by both a Network and SAP Concur administrator, as well as the web services admin user.

Integrations by target and source

Each integration supports interaction with other applications as follows:

Activity Concur Connector Network Bridge Veeva Connector
Extract or upsert object data between Network and Salesforce┬« or Veeva Vault


Export Network data directly to Veeva Nitro via FTP


Manage export jobs and mappings from Network to Veeva CRM
Search and view Network data from external web apps  



Search and view Veeva OpenData from Concur