Network system configuration


The Settings menu in the Admin console contains settings, policies, and feature flags for customizing your Network instance.

General settings

This page contains basic information about your Network instance (version, time zone, default country), but it is also where you can enable optional features for your Network instance; for example, candidate records, address inheritanceClosed An address management tool that applies the address of a parent HCO to its child HCP or HCO addresses, using customer-specific criteria., and searching Veeva OpenData.

Security settings

You can manage session timeout settings and security policies to customize a secure environment for your users. You can also implement single sign-on for users.

Workflow settings

The Workflow Settings page enables you to change the default behavior for add and change requests for Veeva standard objects.

Custom object workflow settings

If custom objects are enabled in your Network instance, define the workflow behavior for add and change requests.

Branding settings

You can enable distinct branding, in the form of logos for emails and site headers for the user interface.

Export system configurations

Export configuration records from your Network environments and compare them to discover any differences or missing records.

External credentials

Save user names and passwords for external applications within Network.