Managing configurations

Administrators can update configurations between Network environments using configuration packages. A configuration package is created on a source environment and transferred to a target environment where it can be imported. To understand the differences between test and production environments, administrators can also download configuration records as JSON files from their environments and compare them to discover any differences or missing records in their production environment.

Exporting configurations enables you to:

  • Select specific configuration records or categories of records to export or download.
  • Transfer configuration packages to target environments where the package can be imported to update the target.
  • Compare configuration files from two different environments using a third party tool.
  • Use the exported configuration as snapshot of your instance for a particular point in time so that you can store and keep it as an artifact of a project.

Enabling this feature

This feature is enabled by default.

User activities

The following activities are available depending on the user type:

The System and Data Admin user role combines the full capabilities of Data Stewards and Administrators.
Activity Standard User Data Steward Data Manager Administrator
Download configuration packages (Ad Hoc Download)      
Compare configurations      
Export configuration packages to a target environment      
Clone configuration packages      
Import configuration packages to a target environment