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Activity ST DS DM AD
Add an HCO or HCP record
View the Network Inbox  
Manage add and change requests  
View and assign suspect matches  
Accept or reject suspect matches  
Modify workflow behavior      
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Key Concepts

The Network workflow governs the flow of change requestsClosed A request to change data from Veeva CRM, the Network API, or from within the Network user interface. Change requests are processed by either customer or Veeva data stewards, depending on ownership of the data being changed., add requestsClosed A request to add a new HCP or HCO profile to a customer instance. Add requests are matched against existing data before routing to customer data stewards for review., and suspect matchesClosed The identification of multiple records that are suspected to be duplicates of one another, but without high enough confidence for automatic resolution. between data stewards within Network. Data stewards easily access and manage these tasks in the Network inboxClosed A page within Network that enables data stewards to find and identify tasks for review or re-assignment. The Inbox displays tasks such as change requests, suspect matches, and job notifications. Available for data steward and administrator users., where they can sort and filter tasks, and change the inbox layout to maximize their efficiency.

Within the Network inbox, data stewards accept, reject, modify, or forward tasks to other groups or individual data stewards. They can access record profilesClosed The view in Network that displays all information for a particular HCP, HCO, or custom object record. directly from each task line within the inbox, and can also add new HCP or HCO records. Only tasks that are assigned to a data steward or a group to which they belong appear in that data steward's inbox.

While record mergesClosed The process of combining successfully matched records, or those manually identified as the same. often happen automatically when data is loaded in Network, data steward intervention is required for lower confidenceClosed The degree to which a record comparison is considered a potential or true match. matches. These types of matches can occur during a source load, an add request, or manually from a record profile or an API call. These lower confidence matches are forwarded to data stewards for review.

Administrators can modify workflow settings to change the default behavior for add and change requests. These settings include automatic approval of child recordsClosed This term is no longer used. It has been replaced by sub-object., forwarding of rejected records to local stewards, and creation on unverified recordsClosed An HCP or HCO record that has not yet been reviewed by a data steward and has not completed the add request process..

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