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Key Concepts

Veeva Network loads and exports data using subscriptionsClosed A configuration that defines data loads and exports to or from Network. and data sourcesClosed A system that provides customer data for mastering in Network.. Source subscriptionsClosed An external source of data, such as Concur or SAP. A source subscription defines the data model, job scheduling, and other configuration for the data import. load data and depending on the source, cleanse and match it against Veeva OpenDataClosed Veeva-owned data that is shared with Network instances by subscription only. (if subscribed), or third-party master dataClosed Data that a customer purchases from an independent data provider that can be used as the master data in the customer's own Network instance. This data is never shared with Veeva OpenData..

Target subscriptionsClosed Configurations that define timing and filters for data exports to downstream systems. enable you to update downstream systems, such as CRM, with data exported according to filters set in the subscription. Source and target subscriptions are both subject to filters and schedules set by AdministratorsClosed A Network user who can access some data steward functionality as well as system configuration and user management functionality..

Data loadClosed The inbound integration configuration that allows you to load data into Network and that includes file preparation, data modelling, field mapping, and data standardization and cleansing. is highly configurable, with various ways to apply transformations throughout the load process.

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