Key Concepts

Veeva Network is a complete, cloud-based customer master solution that combines healthcare professional, healthcare organization, affiliations and reference data, software and stewardship services in a single solution that’s seamlessly integrated with Veeva CRM. This provides accurate, complete, and always up-to-date customer data within Veeva CRM.

Veeva Network changes the way you interact with customer data. Benefits include:

  • Request data changes in CRM by reps
  • Global search from CRM
  • Data is always validated, and always up to date
  • Single source of information
  • Provides a complete view of the HCP

About the Network Overview

The sections in this overview are intended to help you begin using Network quickly and easily.

They cover high-level information about key features and processes in Network, using the following:

  • Key concepts containing introductory information on the feature or process
  • User roles table outlining key tasks that can be performed by each user type
  • An interactive diagram to illustrate the key concepts and roles
  • A video tutorial to help provide context for the feature or process

User Roles

These sections, and the rest of the online help, use the following symbols for user roles:

ST - Standard Users

DS - Data Stewards

DM - Data Managers

AD - Administrators

Additionally, there is the System and Data Admin user role, which combines the full capabilities of Data Stewards and Administrators; as well as the Integration user role and the Portal user role. For more information on these roles, see User Roles.