User Roles

General Tasks

This is not an exhaustive list of tasks; help topics provide more
information on user capabilities.

Activity ST DS DM AD
Search and star records
Add HCPs and HCOs1
View records in Network Explorer
Perform ad hoc matching
View and export reports
View your own requests
View, edit, and create reports
Create and run ad hoc queries2
Edit HCPs and HCOs3  
Manage inbox tasks  
Edit records in Network Explorer  
Work with Data Quality Reports  
Manage the Network data model    
Manage subscriptions and systems    
Manage data reference mappings    
Create custom fields    
Configure profile validation rules    
Configure match rules    
Run data maintenance jobs    
Create advanced queries    
View system and login audit logs      
Provision users      
Create and assign security policies      
Manage data visibility across regions      
Configure workflow settings      
Configure general Network settings      
Import and export configuration packages      
1 Standard Users must request a new record by change request
2 Standard Users and Data Stewards must be enabled by an administrator
3 Only Veeva data stewards can update Veeva OpenData records

Key Concepts

Network users are assigned a specific type of account based on their role within their organization. Each role is able to access specific functionality within Network. Role descriptions are based on typical usage by specific user roles; many tasks span multiple roles, and as such might be performed by either.

AdministratorsClosed A Network user who can access some data steward functionality as well as system configuration and user management functionality. perform basic administrative tasks such as provisioning users, setting security policies, assigning user capabilities, viewing usage logs, and configuring general system settings. They also perform more advanced tasks such as configuring and scheduling subscriptions, performing data maintenance, managing data visibility profiles, and configuring workflow settings. Additionally, they can perform most of the tasks of all other user roles.

Data managers perform a subset of administrator tasks, while also being able to perform tasks typically performed by data stewards. Administrative tasks that they can perform include configuring systems and subscriptions, configuring match rules, creating and running advanced queries for reporting, managing data quality reports, and working with the Network data model.

Data stewards are an integral part of the Network workflow, and primarily work in record profiles and the inbox. They search records, add and update records, manage add and change requests and work with suspect matches. Data stewards will typically be assigned to an inbox task group, which receives routed tasks for any member of the group to work with.

Standard users require basic functionality within Network, including search, ad hoc matching, requesting record additions, starring records, and viewing affiliations using Network Explorer. These users are typically sales reps.

Integration users cannot access the Network UI. This role is intended for developers using the Network API, or for third-party vendors that need access to specific folders on the FTP server.

In addition to capabilities outlined here, user roles variably have access to the following, based on settings configured by their administrator:

  • API access
  • FTP access
  • Compliance data visibility
  • Data lineage visibility
  • Data Quality Report access
  • Reporting access
  • Ad hoc query access

Network users are governed by data visibility profiles, which determine layouts for record profiles and enable or disable visibility for specified fields or records. Different countries will typically have unique data visibility profiles for assigned users.

Other user roles

In addition to the user roles described here, there are more specialized roles that combine capabilities or provide access to other Network features:

  • Integration users - This role can only access Network functionality using the Network API; API users cannot access the Network UI. This role is also used for users who only need access to specific FTP directories.

  • Portal users - This role can only access the Network Portal and Network Widgets; this user type has no access to the Network application.

  • System and Data Admin users - This role combines the full capabilities of Data Stewards and Administrators.