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The following key enhancements comprise the Veeva Network 24R1.0 major release.

Announcements for 24R1.1
Deprecated features The Data Migration, System Summary, and Merge Sync features will be removed from Network in June 2024. 24R1.1    
Hierarchy Explorer widget
Recently Opened view A column can be added to the view to provide more details about the key network. 24R1.0
Hashtags Hashtags now display for key networks on the Recently Opened view and on the Table View. 24R1.0
Directory view full screen The List View and Table View display in full screen mode as you scroll through the key networks. 24R1.0
Default view The List View directory of key networks displays for new users. 23R3.1
List view Key networks display on a single page of there are fewer than 2000 in the Hierarchy Explorer widget. 23R3.1
Table view Use the table view to find key networks and see additional details about the HCO. 23R3.1
Affiliation widget
Directory view A new view displays all health systems in a list or a table. 24R1.0
Annotations Users can draw and comment on the Influence Map canvas. 24R1.0
Greek characters Greek accent characters are now supported in search. 24R1.0
Network hashtags
#nurse The hashtag now includes the APRN medical degree 24R1.0
Optimized view All the elements on the Inbox page are now fixed so they remain visible as you scroll through the tasks. 23R3.1
Custom tables Enhancements include support for delimited files, support for additional file types, and column name validation. 23R3.1
Data Model
Country support A data model has been added for Pakistan. 24R1.0    
Vietnam addresses Verified addresses are reformatted to ensure the complete address is available in downstream systems. 24R1.0    
Cluster management Updated cluster codes from IQVIA™ are available for Germany. 24R1.0    
Country support Data models have been added for Iraq and several countries in Africa. 23R3.1    
Data privacy
Data privacy opt-out Veeva OpenData now manages opt outs for Pakistan 24R1.0    
Data privacy opt-out Veeva OpenData now manages opt outs for Iraq and several countries in Africa. 23R3.1    
Addresses Opted out and anonymized address data is now masked in Network and in Veeva CRM. 23R3.1    
Network Expression Rules
NEX Tester NEX rules can be tested before they are used to populate or transform data. 24R1.0    
New syntax Use the SELECT function to retrieve data from sub-objects to populate entity level fields. 23R3.1    
Conditional matching enhancements Groups of filters can be applied to match configurations and be ranked to prioritize the order in which they are applied. 24R1.0    
Ad Hoc Match The primary country field cannot be mapped to incoming fields. 24R1.0
Tooltips Use the tooltips to understand the different types of systems. 24R1.0    
Job Details page Record counts on the Job Details page now include a decimal separator (for example, 18,578) so it is easier to identify groups of thousands. 23R3.1    
Veeva OpenData subscriptions
Ad hoc download Administrators can upload a file of Veeva IDs to download. 24R1.0    
Country groups Create country groups to manage subscription schedules. 23R3.1    
Source subscriptions
Job error log Administrators can download the job error log directly from the Job Details page. 23R3.1    
Target subscriptions
Limit exports Administrators can limit the number of records that are exported in each job. 24R1.0    
Export by VID A maximum of 10 million records can now be exported. 24R1.0    
Vault CRM integration
Vault CRM BridgeThe Network Bridge can push data from Network to Vault CRM.24R1.0  
DCRsData change requests are processed in real-time between Network and Vault CRM. 24R1.0  
Version updateThe Network API is updated to v32.0.24R1.0Developers

Note: The System and Data Admin user has all of the capabilities of the System Administrator and Data Steward users. Features and enhancements that apply to those users also apply to the System and Data Admin user.

Data Governance - Specific updates for fields and reference data are provided in the Veeva Network Data Governance release notes for every minor and major Network release.

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