System audit log


The System Audit Log now tracks all exports from your Network instance.

The following exports are now tracked:

  • Data model - Export the data model by clicking Export Data Model on the data domain page (Data Model > Data Domains).

  • Reference data - Export all reference lists or a specific reference list (Data Model > Reference Data).

  • Reference aliases - Export a reference alias list (System Interfaces > Reference Aliases).

  • User list - Export the list of users for the Network instance (Users & Permissions > Users).

This enhancement is enabled by default in your Network instance.

Audit log updates

The exports can be tracked using the following columns:

Export type Item Event Description Object Type Property
Data model DataModel Download    
Reference data - All reference types ReferenceCode Download ReferenceCode All Reference Lists
Reference codes - One reference type ReferenceCode Download ReferenceCode <Reference List Name>
Reference aliases ReferenceCodeAlias Download ReferenceCode  
User list UserList Download UserExport