Version Update


The Network API is updated to v26.0.

The Network API version is updated for every major release. Any additional changes are documented in this section of the Release Notes.

As with all version updates, Integration Users should continue to use v25.0 until there is a change for v26.0 that they want to apply.

For more information about the Network API, see the Veeva Network API Reference at http://developer.veevanetwork.com.

Supported languages


You can now use the Metadata API to retrieve the list of reference data languages supported by Network.

Sample request

GET https://myveevanetwork.com/api/v26.0/metadata/languages


This API takes no parameters.

Sample response

  • responseStatus - The status of the response from Network.

  • languages - A list of the supported reference data languages that are organized by lowest ordinal value.

    When new languages are added to Network, they are appended as a new column in the reference.csv file for target subscriptions. AlternateName is used as the column headers and alternateOrdinal determines the order of the language columns.

    "responseStatus": "SUCCESS",
    "languages": [
            "name": "en",
            "alternateName": "EN",
            "alternateOrdinal": 1,
            "associatedLocale": "en_US"
            "name": "zh",
            "alternateName": "ZH",
            "alternateOrdinal": 2,
            "associatedLocale": "zh_CN"
            "name": "fr",
            "alternateName": "FR",
            "alternateOrdinal": 3,
            "associatedLocale": "fr_FR"