Refining search results


Use filters to refine a search based on values and dates that exist in your search results.

Filter values display when you perform a search, and contain fields for entity type, affiliations, country, primary specialty, and record ownership. Each filter value in the filters list includes a number that denotes the number of occurrences for that value in the search results.

The more you refine your search, fewer results are displayed in the main view, and fewer values appear in the filters list.

Filter results

After you perform a search, the filter section to the left of the search results is custom populated according to the results. Each value displayed in the filter section also displays the number of search records that contain the value. You can scroll over the number of results for a specific field to see the exact number of records for that type.

To filter on specific fields; for example, First Name, Last Name, Address Line 1, and so on, use the advanced search form.

In the Search panel beside the main view, you can use the filters to refine your results.

  1. For sections that contain a lot of values, click Show more to expand the corresponding section, or Show less to collapse it.
  2. Select each value that you want included in the results.
  3. The search results change automatically, as you make your selections.

  4. To display all the results for a field (and effectively revert your selection), select the All checkbox for that field.
  5. The Hashtags field displays any hashtags that you used in your search query. Click the field to see hashtags that you can use to filter the results.
  6. In the Parent Affiliation facet, type a value for a parent HCO into the Parent Affiliation field. When you start typing, a summary card returns the top five results that include the full address and entity icon.

    Any selected filters are nested and applied to the defined Parent Affiliation.

As you make selections, the filter criteria also change to include only values that are reflected in the refined search results.