Network Widgets and Portal

Network provides different options to give business users access to Network data without logging into the Network instance.

  • Network Portal - An easy and intuitive user interface for accessing Network data through applications.

    It includes a predefined search application. You can create other applications that use the Network widgets.

  • Network widgets - An integration pattern that enables you to interact directly with Network data through the Network Portal or your internal application. Several types of widgets are available depending on your business needs.

Users can view external data related to HCPs, HCOs, and custom objects directly from the Network UI and Network widgets using data components.

  • Data components - A component that enables users to access external data from Salesforce orgs (for example, Veeva CRM and Salesforce Service Cloud™) about records.

The Network Portal, Network Widgets, and data components are available as part of your Network license and can be used for an unlimited number of users.



  • Easy and intuitive user experience for business users to access MDM data

  • Controlled access using user groups and user permissions

  • Supports single sign-on (SSO) users


Administrators can enable the Network Portal. Widgets and data components are available by default in your Network instance.

User activities

The following activities are available depending on the user type:

The System and Data Admin user role combines the full capabilities of Data Stewards and Administrators.
Activity Portal Users Standard User Data Steward Data Manager Administrator
View and edit access to data
Configure the Network Portal        
Edit and create widgets        
Create and edit data components      
View data components