Hierarchies Part 3: Managing changes in hierarchies

How do you manage drops and adds?

One of the most popular use cases we have heard is the ability to report on hierarchies in bulk. There are many use cases from different groups within organizations, but the most interesting use cases come from IC and market access teams.

When IC analysts are rolling up sales and interactions, they might see data discrepancies between the previous quarter’s roll-ups and this quarter's roll-ups. This is typically caused by movement within the hierarchy when health system changes occur because of merges and acquisitions, HCPs joining the health system, HCPs leaving the health system, and data errors.

How can Network help?

To be proactive during the IC cycle, IC analysts can report on health system changes to understand adds and drops of key HCOs and HCPs. Network can help us with this process by leveraging both custom tables and flat hierarchy tables. Custom tables will allow us to take snapshots of the flat hierarchy table. We can then leverage these snapshots to compare the live version of the hierarchy to the previous snapshot. Optionally, you can also compare snapshots against each other.


The following video goes through the entire process of how to set this up and what kind of customizations are possible.

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