Hierarchies Part 1: Visualizing hierarchies and health systems

Focus on health systems

A number of customers have started using an account-based strategy to target HCOs such as hospitals, health systems, and large practice networks. Visualizing these health systems has become more challenging due to the size of the health systems and the number of hierarchy levels involved. Without a tool to help visualize large hierarchies, users will either need to create complex reports to query the hierarchy or rely on legacy tools that may not have the ability to scale.

How can Network help?

We built the Hierarchy Explorer to help with this case. Hierarchy Explorer helps you visualize large hierarchies and health systems. This tool can be used by a wide variety of users in your organization; for example:

  • Health System Teams

  • KAMs

  • Market Access Teams

  • Analytics Teams

  • Data Managers and Stewards


The following video highlights some of the key features and explains how your organization can benefit from visualizing large hierarchies.

Main highlights:

  • Define your starting point for Hierarchy Explorer. It could be a health system or a practice network such as Florida Cancer.

  • Traverse the entire hierarchy of your health system.

  • View roll-up counts for both HCPs and HCOs.

  • Filter on every level of the hierarchy.

  • Find key HCOs such as 340B locations, hospitals and group practices.

  • Powerful HCO filtering based on HCP criteria (Find HCOs that have oncologists).