Record Profiles

User Roles

Activity ST DS DM AD
Add a record
Edit a record  
View revision history, data lineage,
and compliance data
View the record in Network Explorer
View associated tasks  
1 Standard users request a new record through a change request

Key Concepts

Record profilesClosed The view in Network that displays all information for a particular HCP, HCO, or custom object record. display information for a particular HCO or HCP record. The summary section of a record profile contains the record's most pertinent information, including the HCO or HCP name, contact information, primary specialty, type, Veeva IDClosed A unique record identifier across all Network customers and instances. Also referred to as a VID., and an indicator for any related tasks. The badge for the HCO or HCP indicates the ownership and stateClosed An attribute in the data model that tracks the general state of a record, for example UNDER REVIEW, VALID, INVALID, MERGED. of the record. Users with appropriate access can edit records from the record profile page.

The record profile includes preview boxes that provide easily accessible information and links to compliance data, Network ExplorerClosed The view in Network that graphically displays HCO and HCP affiliations., Revision HistoryClosed A history of changes for a record, including the time, system, and task performed on the record., Data LineageClosed A detailed view of the current record, including all sources that contributed to it and survivorship results at the field level., and the Find Suspect MatchClosed The identification of multiple records that are suspected to be duplicates of one another, but without high enough confidence for automatic resolution. functionality. Summary cards within the record profile provide relevant information at a glance for sub objectsClosed This term is no longer used. It has been replaced by sub-object., including addresses, parent and child affiliationsClosed A relationship between an HCO or HCP and another HCO., and licenses. Each of these summary cards can be expanded for more detailed information.