About queued DCR tasks

Change requests can be submitted for an unverified recordClosed An HCP or HCO record that has not yet been reviewed by a data steward and has not completed the add request process. and are routed to the local or master data steward to process. The change requests are organized in the Inbox and on the Change Request page so they can be processed in order.

The DCR queue enables sales reps to create records in Veeva CRM and then immediately make changes to the record. Additionally, because all of the associated requests are organized in the Change Request page, data stewards can see other potential changes for the record and resolve them during a single call verification.

Task status

There are two distinct statuses designated to new requests to define the order in which they should be processed:

  • Pending Review: Assigned to the initial add or change request submitted on a valid record.
  • There could be multiple pending review tasks for a record because the change requests might be independent from each other; for example, address and license changes for a valid HCP record.

  • In Queue: Tasks that are related changes made on an unverified record. These tasks cannot be processed until the Pending Review request is completed.

Task behavior

Review the following key points to understand task behavior:

  • Pending Review tasks must be processed before In Queue tasks.
  • If the Pending Review add request task is rejected, Network auto-rejects all of the dependent In Queue tasks.
  • If the Pending Review task is reassigned to another data steward, all associated In Queue tasks are reassigned to the same data steward. Pending Review tasks for the same record are not reassigned because they can be completed independently.
  • If your Network customer instance has enabled auto-approve on change requests, Network processes the requests in chronological order (the Network creation date). For information about enabling auto-approve, see Modify workflow settings.
  • Veeva CRM - Change requests sent to Network are processed in chronological order - from oldest to newest creation in terms of Network Created Date. This includes the following situations:
    • Scheduled jobs in Veeva CRM that are sent in specific intervals (for example, an HCP updates his own profile).
    • Change requests submitted offline mode (for example, sales representatives submit a DCR from iRep).

    Note: The In Queue status is not exposed in Veeva CRM.

  • Network API - canceling an In Queue task through the API cancels all subsequent tasks.
  • Note: The In Queue status is not exposed in the Network API. The status of the DCR task will be Pending Review.


In the Inbox, only the task that is in Pending Review state displays. Any In Queue tasks are hidden so that they cannot be processed until the initial request is complete. A number beside the change request indicates the number of associated (In Queue) requests for that record.

To see understand how In Queue tasks are processed, see Stewarding queued DCR tasks.

Reporting considerations

All Pending Review and In Queue tasks are included in reports so that you have an accurate view of the data.

Third party master considerations

The change request enhancements do not affect third party master data. Change requests on unverified records that are third party mastered are auto-rejected by Network. Also, the In Queue task status is not exposed to downstream systems through API retrieves or DCR exports. This ensures that any downstream systems are not impacted by the internal Network task status.