Generated custom keys


Some custom keys are automatically generated on records that are added or edited in the Network UI and downloaded from Veeva OpenData.

Records added in the Network UI

If a record is added using the Network UI, custom keys with the following sources are automatically generated by Network:

  • CUSTOMER_v/3/change_request

Records added using source subscriptions or OpenData subscriptions do not have these keys at load time.

Records added from CRM

If a record is added from CRM and the if the Create Unverified setting is enabled, keys with both these sources will be created on the record.

If the Create Unverified setting is off, neither key will be added at the time the record is created. The change_request key could be added to the record at a later date if the record is edited through the Network UI.

Data lineage

The CUSTOMER_v/3/change_request key shows as a data source on the data lineage page but the WORKFLOW_v key does not.

Records loaded through source subscriptions

If custom keys are not provided in your source subscription, a custom key is generated using the subscription ID and system name.

  • CUSTOMER__v/<subscription_id>/<system_name>

Records downloaded from Veeva OpenData

Every record that is downloaded from OpenData has a default custom key with MASTER__V as the source.

Records opted out of Veeva OpenData

HCPs can opt-out of OpenData so that there information is no longer stored or processed. Customers can convert the opted-out HCP records into locally managed records.

When records are converted, the following behavior occurs to custom keys:

  • MASTER__V - This custom key is inactivated.
  • opendata_opt_outs__v - This new custom key is added. The key contains the Network entity ID.

Records edited in the Network UI

If any record is edited by a data steward in the UI and a custom key with a source of CUSTOMER__v/3/change_request does not already exist, a key with that source is added. There is only ever one custom key with this source.

If the CUSTOMER__v/3/change_request key already exists on that record, the modified date is simply updated. The modified date field for the custom key is not visible on the UI but is visible on the Data Lineage page.