Downloading OpenData parent HCOs

Use the option in your Veeva OpenData country subscription to download Parent HCOs that are related to the OpenData HCOs and HCPs that are already downloaded to your Network instance. When Veeva OpenData country subscriptions run, parent HCOs are not downloaded for the records in your working set and object filters; parent HCOs are only downloaded during ad hoc download jobs. Use this option to download those missing Parent HCOs so you have complete relationships in your instance.

Supported HCOs

The parent HCOs that can be downloaded must meet the following requirements:

  • The record state is Valid
  • The record status is Active

Note: HCOs that have been previously unsubscribed can be downloaded as a new record if they are related to an existing HCP or HCO.

HCOs will not be downloaded in the following situations:

  • The related HCP is opted-out
  • The country of the HCO is different from the related record

Download missing parent HCOs

To download additional HCOs:

  1. In your Veeva OpenData country subscription, scroll to the Additional OpenData Parent HCO records section.
  2. Choose to download parent HCOs that are related to HCPs and/or HCOs.

One level of parent HCO will be downloaded each time the job runs until all of the parent HCOs in a hierarchy are downloaded.

About the job

The parent HCOs will be downloaded in a separate job that is triggered after the regular Veeva OpenData country subscription runs. The Download Related HCOs job runs once even if you check both the HCP and the HCO options.

Note: Reporting must be enabled in your Network instance for this job to run (Settings > General Settings).

Any HCO filters that you have defined in the country subscription are used to filter the parent HCO records, but the setting, Level of parents to download, is not used for this job; only one level in the hierarchy is downloaded.

If the subscription does not run because there are no new or updated records to download for that country, the Download Related HCOs job does not run (even if there are parent HCOs to be downloaded).

Note: The number of HCOs that can be downloaded is not restricted. The downloaded record limit that applies to Match & Download from OpenData jobs do not apply to this job.

Job Details

On the country subscription's Job Details page, the Download Related HCOs job is listed in the Job Trigger Summary section. The job is automatically triggered when the country subscription runs; it cannot be managed as a typical job trigger and isn't listed on the List of Job Triggers page (System Interfaces).

Click the Job ID to view a final count of the HCO records that were downloaded.