Show additional OpenData HCOs


On an OpenData record profile, you can view affiliations that have not yet been downloaded to your Network instance. You can download the HCOs using the Show additional OpenData HCOs link. Additional HCOs can display in the Parent HCO Affiliations section on HCP profiles and the Parent HCO Affiliations and Child Affiliations sections on HCO profiles.

This link only displays on OpenData record profiles that are downloaded in your Network instance.

Enable the feature

The feature is not enabled by default in existing Network instances. Administrators can enable this feature for their Network instance.

  1. In the Admin console, click Settings > General Settings.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. In the Search section, select Show Additional OpenData HCOs.

Note: This feature cannot be enabled if the Search OpenData feature is not enabled.

For new Network instances, the feature is enabled by default; however, administrators must enable the Search OpenData feature before additional HCOs are available to view.

User requirements

To view additional HCOs, you must have the following data visibility profile permissions:

  • Access to the HCO records through your country permissions

  • Can Search OpenData Instance permission

  • Can download/sync records from OpenData instance permission

View additional HCOs

When you are viewing an OpenData record, a link displays at the bottom of the Parent HCO Affiliations (HCPs and HCOs) and Child Affiliations (HCOs) sections. Click the link to display the list of related HCOs that have not yet been downloaded to your Network instance.

Note: The link displays on full record profiles only, it does not display on profile previews that are available in some Network features (for example, Network Explorer and profile layouts).

A pop-up displays a count and the list of missing related HCOs in alphabetical order.

Considerations for HCOs that display:

  • HCOs must be Active and have an Valid record state.

  • HCOs must be related to the entity with Active relationships.

  • Unsubscribed records will display if they are Valid and Active.

  • HCOs that are candidate records do not display.

  • HCOs can be for any country; they don't have to be for the same country as the related entity.

If there are no additional HCOs to download, the pop-up displays the following message: There are no additional OpenData HCO records to download for this record.

Download the HCO

You can download the record to your Network instance.

  1. On the Additional OpenData HCOs pop-up, click the Download from OpenData icon.

    To view the record before you download, click the HCO name to open the record in a new browser window. Beside the HCO name, click the Download from OpenData icon.

  2. In the pop-up, confirm that you want to download the record.

    When the download is complete, the Download from OpenData icon is removed from the record.

  3. Refresh the original record profile to update the list of affiliations.

Considerations for downloaded HCOs

  • If you download a related HCO, it might immediately display many related downloaded HCOs on its own record profile. This happens because those related HCOs have previously been downloaded to your Network instance.

  • In some circumstances, after you download a related HCO, it might not display on the profile as a related HCO. It might also still display the Download from OpenData icon, even though it exists in your Network instance. To resolve this, update the newly downloaded HCO record using Ad Hoc Download in your OpenData country subscription, or by using the Download from OpenData icon in the Data Lineage.