Veeva OpenData Geo Subdivision data

Veeva OpenData offers Geo Subdivision address data for customers who subscribe to Veeva OpenData in some countries. Geo subdivision data is sales data that is organized into small geographical areas.

Geo Subdivision data is available to customers in the following countries:

  • Geo Subdivision - France, Hungary, Monaco, Russia, and United Kingdom
  • Geo Subdivision 2 - France, Hungary, Monaco, Russia, and United Kingdom

This data subscription is managed as a separate product from Veeva OpenData. To subscribe to this data, contact a Veeva OpenData representative.

Enable Geo Subdivision fields in Network

If you have subscribed to the Geo Subdivision data, you can enable the feature so that data for the corresponding fields is downloaded from Veeva OpenData.

To enable the subscription:

  1. In the Admin console, click System Interfaces > Veeva OpenData Subscriptions.
  2. Select the country that has subscribed to the data.
  3. In the Veeva OpenData subscription for that country, in the Field Level Subscriptions section, select the subscription name:

    • Geo Subdivision Data

    • Geo Subdivision 2 Data

    Note: If the Geo Subdivision Data or Geo Subdivision 2 Data options are dimmed, you do not have a subscription to Veeva OpenData for that country. You can still use the fields locally by enabling them on the Data Model page. To subscribe to Veeva OpenData, contact a Veeva representative.

  4. Save your changes.

The Veeva OpenData subscription for that country is updated to start receiving data for these fields.

Data model fields

The following address fields are automatically enabled when you enable the Geo Subdivision subscription:

  • Geo Subdivision - geo_subdivision__v and geo_subdivision_label__v

    These are sets of fields. Enabling or disabling one field in the set enables or disables the other field in the set.

  • Geo Subdivision 2 - geo_subdivision_2__v and geo_subdivision_2_label__v

    These are sets of fields. Enabling or disabling one field in the set enables or disables the other field in the set.

Geo Subdivision data updates

When you subscribe to field-level subscriptions like Geo Subdivisions, the data is not immediately downloaded into your Network instance the next time your OpenData subscription runs. The data will only be included in the OpenData delta export if the record has been changed by OpenData. You can request updates to specific HCP and HCO records so you can quickly receive this data instead of waiting for it to trickle into your Network instance. For more information, see Request updates to OpenData records.


If you unsubscribe to the Geo Subdivision subscriptions, the enabled fields can be used for local data.

If you subscribe to the Geo Subdivision subscriptions again, ensure that any existing local data in those fields are not overwritten.

Suggestions for preserving locally managed data before syncing with Veeva OpenData:

  • Export your data in a target subscription. For more information, see Target subscriptions.
  • Run a report on your current fields.
  • Preserve data by creating custom fields. For more information, see Create a custom field.
  • Reload the previously exported data into the new custom fields.