What's new

The following key enhancements comprise the Veeva Network 23R2.1 minor release.

Hierarchy Explorer widget
Accessing Summary View A button displays beside each record so you can view the record hierarchy in a pop-up.
Summary View enhancements The view is updated to include additional details on ancestor records and the ability to export groupings.
HCP Summary View A summary view is now available for HCP records.
Transformation rules Create rules to transform field values (ex. override OpenData values) in the APIs and in files exported to Veeva CRM and other downstream systems.    
Time-based rules Record level rules can be created to ensure that the most recent information wins survivorship.    
Data maintenance jobs
Job validation rules Use rules to ensure that records are not mistakenly deleted or unsubcribed.    
Source subscriptions
Simulating updates Run jobs in simulation mode so you can preview the outcome before committing the data.    

Note: The System and Data Admin user has all the capabilities of the System Administrator and Data Steward users. Features and enhancements that apply to those users also apply to the System and Data Admin user.

Data Governance - Specific updates for fields and reference data are provided in the Veeva Network Data Governance release notes for every minor and major Network release.

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