Search for an entity

You can search for an entity (a HCP, HCO, or custom object) from any page in Veeva Network.

On the Network menu bar, type a query in the Search field. Searches can include keywords or hashtags.

As you type, partial results display below the search field.

Note: When you search by Veeva ID, Network displays the profile of the relevant record; the search list does not display because only one record is returned.

Choose one of the following options to complete your search:

  • Select any of the partial results that are listed to open that record's profile page.
  • Click Advanced Search to open the advanced form so that you can apply your search terms to specific fields to see the most relevant results. For more information, see Advanced search.
    • Press Enter to perform a full search.

      By default, the full search results are sorted by relevance, starting with the entities that most accurately match your search terms. Each result includes a flag icon representing the country to which the record belongs.

      When you search for an entity, by default, 20 records display on the search results page. Addresses from these results are pinned on the map view. If the number of records shown on the results page is updated, the map refreshes to show the updated results. For more information about using the map to search, see Search results map view.

      At the top of the main view, click the Sort by drop-down list to sort by name, creation date, or modification date, in either ascending or descending order.

      If the search results are longer than one page, click the Show drop-down list at the top right of the view to display more results on the page. You can also click the arrows to the right of that list to navigate pages.

      Additionally, you can filter the results, star individual entities in this view, or click the link for an entity to open it.

      Identify records using specialties

      Specialty data displays in the partial search results to help you differentiate records.

      Identify records using icons

      Object icons help you to identify different types of records (HCPs, HCOs, and custom objects) in the search results. There are several HCO icons to help you differentiate the HCO by type. Additionally, object icons contain indicator badges so you can identify records with different states and ownership.

      Identify records using hashtags

      Hashtags can help you identify relevant results. Hashtags are dynamically applied to records to highlight specific information. For example, if you search for the last name "Smith" to find an HCP, the hashtags can help you identify which HCP is a physician or a nurse based on the medical degree field on the record.

      For more information, see Network hashtags.

      Search for all records

      To see a count of all records in your Network instance, type an asterisk (*) in the search bar.

      View additional data

      Access hierarchy data and business reports for records directly from the search results. A View Data button displays beside records so you can quickly access this related data.

      Access related data

      The View Data menu contains several options for accessing parent and child affiliations and data components that are available for the record.

      • Open Profile - Open the record profile in a new browser tab.

      • Add to Starred - Mark the record as a favorite.

      • Copy Veeva ID to clipboard - Copy the VID so you can quickly share it.

      • Hierarchy Records section (available for HCOs and HCPs only)

        Click an option to search for records in this hierarchy. Search results display for records in your Network instance and from OpenData.

        Note: To view search results from the OpenData database, your user account and Network instance must have permission. For more details, see Search against OpenData records.

        • Direct Child Records (HCOs only) - New search results display all child records for the HCO.

        • Parent Records - New search results display all parent affiliations.

        • All Records in the Hierarchy (IDNs/key networks only) - New search results for all HCPs and HCOs in the hierarchy.

          Note: If this option does not display, the record is not configured for the key network search feature. For more information, see Key HCO network search.

      • Data Reports section

        This displays if there are data components applied to the record. Salesforce® and Reporting data components display.

        Click a data component to open it as a Network table in a new browser tab.

        All the Network table capabilities are available; you can add fields, filter, sort, and download the table. If the data component contains sections, they display as tabs at the bottom of the table. Click the tabs to review each section.

        To share the Network table, click the Copy icon to copy the link to your clipboard.

      Custom objects

      The View Data options are available for custom objects in search results.

      Note: The Hierarchy Records section does not display for custom objects.

      Map and Profile Preview

      In the Search results, if the map is enabled for your Network instance, the map view can be toggled with the profile view in the right pane. Network preserves your view preference.

      • Map - Use the map to help you visualize where the entity search results are located. For more information, see Search results map view.
      • Profile Preview - Click a row in the search results to view the entity profile without leaving the search results page.