Search against Veeva OpenData records


Search against Veeva OpenDataClosed Veeva-owned data that is shared with Network instances by subscription only. enables you to view search results from the Veeva OpenData master instance along with results from your Network instance. Veeva OpenData search results are weighted the same as regular search results and display in the same list.

You can search for OpenData records when the following conditions are met:

If you have Veeva OpenData subscriptions for multiple countries in your Network instance, search results are retrieved from all of the countries. The countries that you have access to depend on your data visibility profile.

Veeva OpenData records display in your regular search results. To refine the results to display records that are in the Veeva OpenData database only, select the OpenData Provider Database filter.

Download Veeva OpenData records

Veeva OpenData records are indicated by an orange icon for the HCO or HCP. You must download the record if you want to export it and use it in downstream systems, such as CRM.

Download one record

To download one record from the search results, click the Download from OpenData icon.

In the confirmation message that displays, click Ok.

Download multiple records

  1. In the search results, select one or more Veeva OpenData records you want to download.

    The Sync with OpenData button appears at the top of the results list.

  2. Click Sync with OpenData to download the records.

  3. Click OK to confirm the download.

Download all search results

You can also download all Veeva OpenData records in the search by selecting the OpenData Provider Database search facet and clicking the Select all checkbox at the top of the search results. Note that you can select up to 500 records each time you perform a bulk download in this way.