Reporting on field sets


In your reports, you can specify a field set so you don't have to list fields individually. For example, if you wanted to refine your query using HCP focus areas, you can specify All HCP Focus Areas in the basic report builder or hcp_focus_areas in the SQL editor; this value includes all 36 fields (hcp_focus_area_1__v to hcp_focus_area_36__v) in that set.

The following table contains all of the groups you can specify, along with their corresponding SQL field names and the individual fields that are included.

Field Set SQL Field Name Data Model Fields

All Accreditations

hco_accreditations hco_accreditation_area_1__v to hco_accreditation_10__v

(Note: These fields are not considered a set for Japan).

All Address Lines address_lines address_line_1__v to address_line_3__v
All Alternate Names alternate_names alternate_name_1__v to alternate_name_10__v
All Credentials credentials credentials_1__v to credentials_5__v
All Delivery Address Lines delivery_addresses delivery_address_line_1__v to delivery_address_line_3__v
All Emails emails email_1__v to email_10__v
All Faxes faxes fax_1__v to fax_10__v
All HCO Focus Areas hco_focus_areas hco_focus_area_1__v to hco_focus_area_10__v
All HCP Focus Areas hcp_focus_areas hcp_focus_area_1__v to hcp_focus_area_36__v
All Medical Degrees medical_degrees medical_degree_1__v to medical_degree_5__v
All National IDs national_ids national_id__v to national_id_5__v
All Phones phones phone_1__v to phone_10__v
All Specialties specialties specialty_1__v to specialty_10__v
All URLs URLs URL_1__v to URL_2__v

Simplified query using field sets

In basic reporting queries, you can select a single field to represent all fields in a group by selecting it in the Field drop-down list in the Filters section for the query. Each field set includes an item in the list prefixed by All to represent all fields in the group; for example, All Specialties, All Emails, and so on.

Using the SQL query builder, you can specify a single field (for example, specialties) to represent multiple fields (for example, specialty_1__v, specialty_2__v, and so on).

When you specify a single field; for example, specialties, the results will include values from all fields in the set.

select specialties
from hcp
where specialties in (‘FM’)

This example will return results that include FM (Family Medicine) in any field in the set (that is, from specialty_1__v, specialty_2__v, through specialty_10__v).

Use the EXPLODE operator

In the SQL query builder, the EXPLODE operator performs an aggregate function on sets of numbered fields.

The following example shows how to use the EXPLODE operator with the specialties fields. For more information about this query, see HCP number of specialties.

A similar query without using the EXPLODE operator has different results.