Network Reporting samples


The following sections provide practical samples using both SQL queries and basic or aggregate queries using the Report Builder.

HCPs by region/specialty

This example finds cardiovascular disease specialists licensed in the state of New York.

Sample results:

Note: There is no need to filter on address ordinal since basic report queries automatically select the best address that meets your criteria. You can also return the name of the primary HCO related to the respective HCPs.

HCO counts by country and class of trade

This example provides a breakdown of HCOs by class of trade and country. It also illustrates the use of group by for statistics and shorthand notation for group by and order by.

Sample results:

HCOs without addresses

This example illustrates subquery capability and performs a common data quality check.

Sample results:

HCO average hospital size by region

This example shows the breakdown by state of the average number of MDs and DOs working at hospitals. It also illustrates summarizing numerical fields with other functions such as average, sum, and so on.

Sample results:

HCPs with hyphenated last names

This example finds all HCPs with a hyphen in their last name and demonstrates regex support.

Sample results:

Recently added HCOs

This example is a very common query that includes custom keys and addresses.

Sample results:

HCP number of specialties

This query uses the EXPLODE expression to display the number of HCPs that have a particular specialty. The EXPLODE function scans all ten specialty fields.

Sample results:

For more information about using the EXPLODE expression, see the SQL Reference.