Managing jobs


When source subscriptionClosed An external source of data, such as Concur or SAP. A source subscription defines the data model, job scheduling, and other configuration for the data import. and target subscriptionsClosed Configurations that define timing and filters for data exports to downstream systems. run, the job status is available on the corresponding subscription page. If jobs fail, any failure notices are sent to the Administrator's inbox. From the job notification, you can navigate to the job details in the source or target subscription from which it originated.

To check the job status of a subscription from the source subscription or target subscription pages:

  1. In the Admin console, click System Interfaces. The Systems page appears.
  2. In the left navigation, click Source Subscriptions or Target Subscriptions.

    The corresponding page opens.

    Source subscriptions

    Target subscriptions

  3. Under the Last Job Status column, click the Complete link.

    The Job Details page appears. The Job Details page shows basic information about the job, such as the name, ID, time, duration, FTP path, the user who started the job, and whether it was run manually. It also provides details on the outcome, number of records imported or exported, and the number of bad records in the job.

    Source subscription job details (data load)

    For more information about source subscription job details, see Viewing source subscription job details.

    Target subscription job details (data export)

    For more information about target subscription job details, see Viewing job details

View job errors

You can view job errors from data loads or exports in your Inbox. Your Inbox only displays job notifications that are assigned to either you or a group to which you belong.

Review the Job Error Log section on the Job Details page to view the error messages that were produced during the job.

Source subscriptions

An error log can be exported to your FTP server. The Job Error Log setting to export the log is available in the General Settings section of your source subscription configuration.

If the job produces errors and this setting is on, you can download the error log directly from the Job Details page, or retrieve it from FTP in the logs/<source system> directory.