Suspect matching from source subscriptions


Depending on the match rulesClosed A definition that determines which fields in a record are a possible match and when a record comparison is considered a suspect match. See features and feature sets., records from inbound source subscriptions are either automatically merged with existing data, ignored, or forwarded to a data steward as an suspect match for review.

Match log considerations

Using the Match Analysis option in a source subscription, administrators can export the match analysis log when the source subscription runs to see the records that resulted in suspect matches. An incoming record can match to more than one record using more than one ASKClosed A single incoming record matches multiple incoming or Network records without one clear "best" match. Ambiguous matches typically require human review. rule. The match log file might show the incoming record with one or more ASK rules noted and the resulting matches; however, the inbox only shows one suspect match task. The task contains all the matching records so data stewards don't have to work through multiple tasks.

For more information, see match analysis log.